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The things my eyes have seen

Updated: May 24

The vision blindness takes from me

will always be right here

an endless list of memories

when eyes are closed appear

The faces of my family

the places we have been

no blindness will not take from me

the things my eyes have seen

Instead of feeling sad about the clarity that's gone

I focus on my blessings

my life will carry on

These lessons I have learned I’ve eared my armour through the pain

For all the things I’ve lost

there’s so much more that I have gained

Each day I am reminded just how lucky I am for

the beauty blindness brings

all the things that I adore

and even on the days the anxious thoughts in my mind rise

all I need to do is think of you and close my eyes


Image description old photo of Dave Steele aka The Blind Poet with his wife and children taken before he was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. From left to right Harvey a young boy age 8 wearing black sneakers dark shorts and a white t shirt. He as blonde hair and a big smile. Amy a woman with brown hair tied in a bun beautiful big brown eyes and she's wearing a white dress with lace around the top. Amy is holding Austin a little baby boy with dark hair wearing a blue and white sailor baby outfit. Ellie a young girl aged 6 with blonde hair wearing a pink dress with roses on it. Louie aged 6 wearing an identical outfit to Harvey's with blonde hair and a big smile. Dave a man in his late 30's with bald head and short stubble wearing a grey blue jacket, shirt and dark pants.

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