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A an image of Dave Steele looking at the camera with his glasses on and smiling at the camera.

Meet Dave

Meet Dave, an award-winning poet, author, speaker, singer and advocate for the blind. Diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) in 2014, this genetic eye condition left Dave "severely sight impaired."

Dave's Story

Dave Steele The Blind Poet is a luminary figure in poetry, advocacy, and global impact, embarked on an extraordinary odyssey after being diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) in 2014. The profound impact of this genetic eye condition unfolded alongside the challenges of unemployment and financial strain for Dave, his wife Amy, and their four children.

In navigating this transformative period, Dave turned to social media, seeking solace for his RP journey and uncovering a world of misconceptions and stories of injustice faced by the blind and visually impaired globally. Fueled by his background in singing, Dave's poignant performance at a meeting for those with RP and Usher Syndrome gave birth to the emotionally charged "Stand By Me RP" song, a moving reimagining of Ben E. King's classic.

The following year, in 2015, Dave founded the "Stand By Me RP" Facebook page, which has since burgeoned into one of the world's largest social media RP groups. Despite confronting declining eyesight, Dave fervently wrote two to three poems daily about his struggles, providing a therapeutic outlet for himself and serving as an unwavering source of inspiration for countless others navigating the complexities of RP.

Dave's impact transcends the realms of poetry, reaching into the spheres of advocacy and collaboration with global brands. As a collaborative force with industry titans such as Apple, Meta, Audi, Kelloggs, Parfums De Marly, Navilens, and Eone (the creators of The Bradley Timepiece), Dave's work resonates globally. His dedication extends to promoting OrCam, furthering the cause of accessible technology for the visually impaired.

His accolades reflect the breadth of his influence. As a finalist in the 2022 RNIB See Differently Awards for the Social Media Impact Award, Dave's reach extends far beyond borders. In 2023, he achieved further recognition, being shortlisted for a National Diversity Award in the Positive Role Model for Disability category, a distinction earned from a pool of over 90,000 nominations.

Acknowledged for his unwavering commitment, Dave received the 2018 Henshaw's "Impact Award" and the Pride of Bury "Community Hero Award." His roles as a local ambassador for Henshaw's and Patron since December 2023 underscore his dedication to making a lasting impact.

At the heart of Dave’s work as The Blind Poet is the use of heartfelt poetry to be a resonant voice for all affected by blindness and low vision. His mission, transcending boundaries, is to inspire others globally, transforming challenges into triumphant achievements, and resolutely proclaiming that “Disability isn’t an excuse to do less but a reason to be more.” Dave Steele's influence, extending far beyond his own journey, is a testament to the transformative power of art and advocacy in the global conversation on blindness and disability.

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