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Special poem for Father’s Day

My poem to Austin for Fathers Day

I know that you’ll have questions you’re still too young to ask.

Like “will you still look proud of me when vision’s spent its last”

My son no need to worry though I can’t see,I’m here.

To guide you and to comfort you despite these things I fear.

I’ll be the one to teach you how a real man shows his worth

We’ll hold the door and think before put mum and others first

Although my sight is clouded I’m not shrouded by the light that shines from you in all you do, you make the bad days right.

I don’t require perfect sight to see just what you mean.

For from the day that you were born true love this heart has seen.

So I’m not sad for blindness can’t help but feel I’m blessed

One smile from you brings strength anew whenever I feel stressed.

I’ll be forever grateful I’m proud to be your dad

No matter what tomorrow brings forever be my lad

Picture description photo of me with my 6 year old son Austin on my back. Both in black t shirts with green trees in the background

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