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Henshaws Summer Ball 2023

Such a wonderful night last night with my beautiful wife as we attended the Henshaws Summer Ball at the Hilton-Manchester. A huge thank you to the wonderful Henshaws team for organising such a special night and to all in attendance who so generously donated to support people with vision loss and a range of other disabilities to go beyond expectations.

Also a special thank you to Marc Darcy for once again helping me feel confident and dapper in my beautiful tuxedo.

Image descriptions

Image 1 Dave Steele The Blind Poet a white man with a bald head and grey and black beard wearing a midnight blue tuxedo with white shirt and red wine coloured bow tie and pocket square, whilst holding a long white mobility cane stands next to his wife Amy Steele a white woman with beautiful big brown eyes and brown hair tied up wearing a shiny silver patterned dress. They are stood in a hotel bar with people in the background. Both Dave and Amy are holding glasses of champagne.

Image 2 and 3 are head and shoulder pictures of Dave and Amy dressed the same smiling at the camera.

Image 4 Dave Steele aka The Blind Poet in his tuxedo holding a microphone in one hand and his cane in the other reading poetry to the audience.

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