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Poet | Author | Keynote Speaker

National Diversity Awards 2023 Nominee Poster for Dave Steele


Gain insight and inspiration from The Blind Poet Dave Steele. A unique poetic perspective on life living with blindness/ disability. His creative vision will inspire, educate and show the beauty beyond blindness.

My Blind Secret - Dave Steele, The Blind Poet

"I have a secret from the world, that most of you don't know.
Won't hear it in the way I talk and eyes no clue will show.
If you listen to my story, something new to learn you'll find.
For though I'm looking straight at you, I'm legally blind.
It's not a simple yes or no, I'm more a shade of grey.
I rarely venture out alone, as things get in the way.
For what I see affects my days, in much more ways than one and this for some continues, until little left has gone.
But still this pains invisible, to those that pass us by.
Theres some afraid to hold a cane, because of questions why.
Accused of making up our claim and made to feel a fraud.
Feel drained of all my confidence, feel trapped behind this door.
Now hardest thing to come to terms, that makes my days feel long.
It holds us back, knowledge they lack, for all who've got it wrong.
To hear they're judge and jury, even though their facts aren't straight.
Feel misdirected fury, wish opinions now could wait.
To take the time to get to know, the visions that we share.
Come join me in this tunnel, hold my hand and show you care."
Dave Steele - The Blind Poet

Dave Steele - The Blind Poet

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    Quincy, Quincy, FL, USA
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