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Back from the brink

From the moment that they told me that my sight would soon decline

I chose through rhyming prose to share these tunnelled views of mine

But never did I think that from the brink of blindness fate

I’d find this path

I’d smile and laugh I’d tell depression wait

I found a way to take the things that often cause me pain

and focus on

not on what’s gone

but all that still remains

And now today I’m stronger than I ever thought I’d be

I’m seeing life much clearer

than when I could clearly see

I’m proud of where I’m heading

with my cane I’m out that door

to do all of the things I thought I couldn’t do before

and when the last of little left

my seeing days are done

I’ll still be me

don’t need to see blind life will still be fun

I no longer feel a burden

I no longer feel to blame

but I’ll admit a little bit at times the darkness reigns

No blindness didn’t stop me

it just taught me how to write

this poetry that flows from me and talks of fading sight

But there’s a lot of pages that my words are yet to fill

a lot of hearts I need to reach

somehow I know I will

I’m still scared of going blind but I know this was meant for me

I’m thankful for my challenges

I’m proud of who I see

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